Surveillance Cameras For Private Homes

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Surveillance Cameras For Private Homes

27 July 2015
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In addition to installing burglar alarms in your home, you may be considering adding other security measures. One trend in home protection is using home surveillance systems. These cameras allow you to keep "eyes" on all areas of your property and to record any activity outside and inside your home when you are not there. In recent years, this type of equipment has become more affordable, so even if your home is a modest one, you can benefit from installing these devices. If you are considering adding a surveillance system to your home, you should consider the following issues.

Indoor Camera Systems

Indoor surveillance will help you keep tabs on the people who are in your residence while you are gone. These video cameras primarily monitor people you willingly let into your home. You can feel more secure when repairmen are working on your appliances or electricity while you are at work. You can also watch your babysitters and your teenagers in real time on your smart phone. You will need to choose between having a wired or wireless system. Both have their advantages, but a wireless system is more subtle. If you do not want to alert people to your surveillance, you may want to choose the more expensive but stealthier wireless models. 

Outdoor Camera Systems

The outdoor systems are truly meant to protect your home from intruders. Sometimes, just the presence of the cameras will deter invaders. For the most part, criminals take the easy way out. They do not want to risk breaking into a well-protected residence. Because these cameras are constantly battered by the elements, you need to choose a model with a high International Protection or IP rating. Experts recommend choosing one with an IP55 rating, which means it is highly resistant to dirt and water. 

Legal Issues

Visitors to your home can be recorded except in places where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. So unless you have a camera in the bathroom, you are probably fine with installing indoor cameras. Do be aware that if something happens in your home, the police can use your recordings to establish the sequence of events. These cameras protect you, but they can also make you vulnerable to legal action. 

Be aware of the drawbacks of video surveillance before you install a system. The benefits may outweigh these disadvantages because you can monitor your residence 24/7 if you wish. You can also store the footage and review it later if necessary. These systems operating in tandem with a burglar alarm will provide you with excellent protection from harm. For more information, contact a company like Alliance Appliance Of Rockland & Authentic Alarm.