Watch For These Signs That Indicate Your Dryer Is Failing

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Watch For These Signs That Indicate Your Dryer Is Failing

17 March 2016
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A clothes dryer that fails unexpectedly can majorly inconvenience any family, especially one with plenty of members who need their laundry done. When you encounter a breakdown, you'll need to take action quickly to find a retailer selling the dryer model that suits you and arrange to have it delivered in a timely manner. The good news is that a dryer breakdown doesn't have to catch you off guard. Dryers will often provide a handful of signs that they're beginning to fail. When you start to notice these issues, you can then take the time to shop for a new dryer instead of doing so hastily. Here are some signs to watch for.

Drying Time Is Increasing

Through experience with your clothes dryer, you'll typically get a good idea of how long you need to run the appliance to dry a standard load of clothing. While this duration can fluctuate if a load is packed with excessively heavy items, for example, you should have an average drying time in mind. If you begin to notice that this time is increasing, it's a sign that the dryer is losing its efficiency on the route toward wearing out. For example, if you open the dryer door after a cycle and are consistently seeing that some of the clothing is still wet, the appliance is approaching the end of its life.

Dryer's Operation Is Getting Louder

New appliances tend to operate fairly quietly, but tend to get louder as they age. This increased volume is indicative of a dryer that is starting to wear out. Listen for noises such as rattling, grinding and squealing when the dryer is running -- these can suggest problems with the motor or other moving parts. If you have a hard time picking up noises over the sounds of the wet clothing being dried, run the dryer for a moment while empty and you'll be able to hear if things sound normal or if the appliance is getting louder.

Dryer Isn't Producing Any Heat

A dryer that is failing to produce heat isn't having the same issue as a dryer that is taking longer to dry your clothing, although both situations indicate that you'll soon be shopping for a new appliance. Dryers should heat up quickly; if the dryer isn't producing heat soon after you begin its drying cycle, there is likely a serious problem with the heating element or the thermostat.

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