Why Your Kitchen Needs Warming Drawers This Summer

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Why Your Kitchen Needs Warming Drawers This Summer

15 April 2016
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With summer coming, it's that time of year when the whole family will be home, the kids will be out of school and family members often come to visit. Feeding that many people daily takes some planning, especially when you're concerned about making sure that everything stays hot. Instead of reheating foods in the microwave and leaving them rubbery, you might want to invest in a warming drawer instead. Here's a look at some of the reasons you might want to invest in a warming drawer for your kitchen.

Warming Drawers Are Versatile

Warming drawers can be used for a lot of things. When you're cooking a big meal for a large family gathering, your warming drawer can be a great place to store things as you finish them. Want to make those casseroles early for the potluck? Go ahead and make them in the morning. The warming drawer will keep them ready.

If summer also brings unpredictable work schedules, lots of commitments for the kids and other events, you might have nights when dinner is somewhat unpredictable. Warming drawers are a great way to keep a plate warm for someone who might be coming in late. Most warming drawers will hold food at a comfortable temperature for several hours.

What Features Can You Get From Your Warming Drawer?

Warming drawers are versatile tools for keeping food warm without sacrificing texture. Most warming drawers have humidity regulation, which keeps food from drying out or getting soggy. You can find models with divided spaces for different temperatures, removable pans and even storage racks.

You can also consider investing in warming drawers that are programmable so that they shut off after a certain period of time. Automatic shut-off is a great feature for people who might otherwise forget to turn off the warmer when removing a plate.

Warming drawers can be installed as stand-alone units in your kitchen, but you'll also need to have a heat barrier installed around them. That way, you don't risk heat transfer into the walls or the surrounding cabinets. There are models available with multiple drawers, which is even more convenient. Multiple drawers let you keep things at different temperatures and humidity levels, so you don't risk making your crispy dishes soggy.

Investing in warming drawers can be great for most any kitchen, but especially for kitchens that get busy all summer long. There will be no more concerns about leaving food out or anything spoiling in the summer temperatures when you can keep it warm until dinner time in a safe and controlled environment. Explore options from a company like Gringer & Sons Inc.