Learn These Tips To Run Your New High-Efficiency Washing Machine Smoothly

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Learn These Tips To Run Your New High-Efficiency Washing Machine Smoothly

28 July 2016
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It's easy to be excited when you finally get rid of your old, noisy washing machine and buy a new, high-efficiency model to replace it. This sleek new appliance will not only look good in your home and operate more quietly, but also use less water to help keep your monthly utilities bills under control. Using a high-efficiency washing machine is a little different than using a traditional model, and while it won't take very much time to get accustomed to the changes, it's useful to brush up on some tips in advance so that you'll be using the machine correctly from the first load of laundry onward. Here are some things to know.

You Need To Buy The Right Detergent

Whether you prefer to use liquid or powder detergent to wash your clothing, you need to make sure that it's compatible with your high-efficiency washing machine. Today, most detergent products are suitable for today's modern machines, but you can occasionally find a product that isn't — and this can yield less-than-favorable results and even compromise the warranty on the machine. Make sure that any detergent you buy has an "HE" logo (for high efficiency) somewhere on the jug or box.

Use Less Detergent

In addition to using less water, your new appliance will also use less detergent to get your dirty clothing clean. Make sure that you read any instructions in the owner's manual, as well as carefully consult the directions on the detergent packaging itself. You'll no longer need to add a large scoop of detergent when the load of laundry is especially soiled; in fact, adding too much detergent can leave your clothing with detergent streaks on it, given that high-efficiency machines aren't designed to handle large amounts of detergent.

Learn The Optimal Load Size

When your traditional washing machine filled with water, the water likely stopped only inches from the top. This isn't the case with a high-efficiency model, which relies on considerably less water to get the job done. As such, it's important to carefully consult the manual so you're clear on the optimal load size. This differs according to each model. You don't want to load too much dirty laundry into the washing machine, as it may not be able to get as clean as you'd like. This would prompt you to need to rewash some of the articles of clothing, wasting your time and water.

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