Keeping Your Refrigeration Cases Running With Proper Service And Repair

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Keeping Your Refrigeration Cases Running With Proper Service And Repair

8 May 2018
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If you operate a business that uses refrigerated cases to display products like meats, dairy, or frozen foods, you know how important it is to have those cases working properly. If one of those cases stops working, it can mean the loss of a lot of product as well as a financial loss that can really hurt the business. Regular service of refrigeration units is important and if you have older units, the potential for a breakdown is even worse.

Setting Up A Service Plan

The best option to keep your equipment running properly is to set up a plan for service and keep them maintained with regular checks of the refrigeration system. As these cases get older, it can be even more important because things like the compressor for the refrigerant can wear and start to lose efficiency. When you are dealing with refrigerated cases, poor performance of the cooling system can be just as bad as the case not working at all. A case that is running too warm might seem fine at first, until you start to notice that it just does not seem cold enough anymore. By the time that happened, you may already have a product that has gone bad and has to be discarded.

Replacement Parts and Repairs

Many times replacement parts for specialized items like refrigerated cases are harder to find but a quick search of the internet might surprise you with the results. Even older style coolers and cases still have parts available and that is due impart to the design and function not really changing too much. Some of the cases have new styling but the internal components are still very close to the same, and since the function of the case has not changed, the repair of these cases is easier. Having a case repaired is really just a matter of finding a service technician that is familiar with them and has the tools to do the job. There are companies that offer service for businesses with one case or many refrigerated cases. Finding one is just a matter of making some calls and finding someone that is a good fit for your business.

Replacing A Refrigerated Case

If you do have a refrigerated case that stops working and can not be repaired, replacing it can be a big job. If the case is built in or in a tight space, it might be tough to move. These cases weigh a lot but most are complete units so they can be disconnected from the electrical service and moved. It is rare that a case cannot be repaired unless it is very old but talk with the technician that works on your coolers and freezers and see what they recommend before planning to removed a case or cooler.

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