Why Is It Ideal To Get Commercial Laundry Equipment For A Retirement Home?

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Why Is It Ideal To Get Commercial Laundry Equipment For A Retirement Home?

23 December 2018
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If you have a retirement home that is opening in a few weeks and you already have plenty of people who have signed up and put down a deposit to live in the home, you are probably trying to go over everything while making sure you have all the different things your residents are going to need. If you have not already purchased commercial laundry equipment, you should certainly start looking around at what is available and then purchase several pieces of equipment. It helps to have this type of equipment in the retirement home for a few different reasons.

Residents Can Wash Clothes at Their Leisure

The residents living in the retirement home may have no problem doing their own laundry, but they might not drive or have access to a vehicle to go to the laundromat whenever they would like to. You could save your residents money by having commercial laundry equipment installed in a laundry room inside the building and allowing the residents to use the equipment to wash their clothes, blankets, and other important items they may need to clean. They would not need to make arrangements to have someone pick them up and take them to the laundromat and you can offer the service for free or for a lower rate than most laundromats would normally charge.

It is also convenient to have the equipment inside the building because then residents can wash their clothes and linen at the times that are most convenient for them. Some may want to start washing items in the morning, while others may want to wash their stuff in the afternoon or even at night. Having the option to do laundry when they feel like it is a huge convenience for your residents and it is something they may genuinely appreciate.

Employees Can Wash Linen and Other Important Items

Aside from having the commercial laundry equipment for residents to use when they need to wash their clothes, it helps to have this equipment available for your employees to use when they need to clean certain items, such as curtain, dish towels, tablecloths, and other items around the retirement home. Many of the dish towels and rags used in the kitchen will need to get washed daily, so one of your employees can gather those items, put them in the machines, and make sure they are completely clean before using them again.

You should get commercial laundry equipment for your retirement home because it is convenient for the residents to have access to the machines when they need to do laundry and it gives employees the chance to wash linen from around the retirement home, including rags and towels that are used in the kitchen area. If you are going to purchase and install this equipment, check out the options that are sold by some of the leading brands in the laundry industry and then pick out the perfect machines for your retirement home.

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